I miss you messages for her

Missing YouSaying "I miss you" in a nice special way is not easy. Here you will find some nice messages to let your loved girlfriend know that you are missing her. These sayings are perfect for a girl,or woman and are easily used in a sms. Most of these "Missing You" quotes and texts are romantic and inspirational.

When I am hugging you it means that I need you. When I am kissing you, it means that I love you and when I am calling you it means that I am missing you.

A day without you is just like a day without sun shine.

Because I love and miss you so badly I just have to call you because that’s the only way I can still feel close to you

I miss you just a little bit, a little bit too much… a little bit to often…. and a little bit more every day.

To miss you is a plain symptom that shows that I love you endlessly

I miss your kuddles and I miss your kisses. Afteer all what I am missing most is YOU!

We have a link from heart to heart and since you are away this link is broken. Please fix it!

I am thinking of you the whole day. I miss you so much my darling.

You are my sweetheart and when you are not here I am feeling very lonely. Come back soon!

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I miss You messages for her - Missing You SMS

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