Apology Messages for Girlfriend

so sorryIf you have disappointed your boy or girlfriend or your wedding partner, you have got to say sorry. It is certainly not always easy to find the right words for the excuse. Here you can find some excuses for a woman or a man which you can use to say sorry. An excuse always got to be personal but you can use these sayings as a base.

I am so sorry. I can not stand the feeling to loose you. I love you so much and I want to show you my love always and everywhere from now on. It is important to me that you are happy and I want to try to make you happy every day. Please call me, so that we can talk about everything.

I know i did a big mistake and i would do everything to make it disappear. I can only ask for your forgiveness so I can proof to you that you can trust me. Please give me a sign. I will immediately start making up for it.

I have really disappointed and upsad you. I can barely forgive myself for what I have done. But I am always remembering the good times we had and I want to do everything to have this special feeling again. Please give me one chance to make up my mistake.

Mistakes are there to be made and to learn from them. I have made a big mistake and I have certainly learned my lesson. Can I please get another chance?

Every minute spend with anger are 60 happy second wastet. I am sorry for being so loud. Sometimes I am loosing my patience and I wish that you could just listen to me and try to understand.

I am sorry my darling. I am the biggest idiot in the entire galaxy and the happiest person because I have met you.

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Apology text messages for your Girlfriend

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