48th Birthday Messages

48th BirthdayBirthday wishes for the 48th birthday are often send via sms in these days. Sometimes the good old birthday card is still being used. Whatever way is chosen you always need a nice saying, an original claim or a warm hearted text. Here you can find some nice birthday sayings which you can use for the 48 birthday, free of charge.

I just can`t believe you are turning 48 today. You only look like 47.

I have just thought about your special day and I am sending you all the best wishes. But I forgot, how old are you? 38 or 39?

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All the best for your 48th birthday. I will be right there to celebrate this special day. Don`t worry with an old bloke like me around you will feel young and free.

The years were good to you but the weekends made you suffer. Happy birthday and all the best.

Hopefully you will have lots of fun on your birthday and start celebrating every single one of them. All the best.

I wish you all the best on your 48th birthay. May all your dreams come true, all your aims will be fulfilled and may a friend always be there for you when you need one. Happy birthday.

Happy 48th Birthday. I wish you fantastic presents, a great party and a fantastic 49th year.

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48th Birthday Messages and Wishes

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